Autumn Reflections

It really is quite extraordinary – how much we have accomplished since our week 12 post in July. The wonderful thing about e2e is how it is evolving; both in following goals we have penned & being open to see how & where our journey takes us. Summer saw us meeting with the crew forContinue reading “Autumn Reflections”

TV NOW! Week 12 Summer reflections & celebrations

A brilliant presentation & Q&A with Senior BBC Camera Operator, Rob Taylor over Zoom, enabled the crew to reach the half way point of their Bronze Arts Award in the final week of training before Summer arrived. The crew summed up their thoughts about Rob’s career eloquently, with feedback such as: Fascinating; busy; interesting –Continue reading “TV NOW! Week 12 Summer reflections & celebrations”

TV NOW! Week 11

I cannot wait to share a sample of our band promos. This week we had a great session editing with multi layers and really enjoying starting to bring the band promos to life with a selection of abstract art and moving backgrounds. Video editing is something that is taught through all years where we workContinue reading “TV NOW! Week 11”

TV NOW! Weeks 9-10 Band Shoots

Control Room – Director DIR Vision Mixer VM Sound Operator SO Clock, Stills, Switcher CSS Behind The Scenes Film BTSF Studio – Floor Manager FM Camera 1 C1 Camera 2 C2 Camera 3 C3 Camera 4 C4 Behind The Scenes Photography BTSP Studio & Control Room Roles June 2021 The whole crew in the StudioContinue reading “TV NOW! Weeks 9-10 Band Shoots”