TV NOW! Week 12 Summer reflections & celebrations

A brilliant presentation & Q&A with Senior BBC Camera Operator, Rob Taylor over Zoom, enabled the crew to reach the half way point of their Bronze Arts Award in the final week of training before Summer arrived.

The crew summed up their thoughts about Rob’s career eloquently, with feedback such as: Fascinating; busy; interesting – I liked how he started with an idea and saw the process through to the end; Cool, but I think it took a lot of effort to get to the outcome he needed – to reach a deadline; I liked how he described it as awesome and said he enjoyed meeting lots of [famous] people and got to visit lots of places; it was interesting how he chose an apprenticeship over university, I liked hearing there were different ways to learn; I loved how varied his job sounded – that he could wake up and be told his next job was on the other side of the world – it’s exciting knowing you are going to have something new to do every day; amazing that someone from Burnt Oak has achieved so much, it was very inspiring; some people might think it’s just using a camera, but it’s so much more – it’s the lighting & sound, the editing, the travelling, the planning, the speed you need to work at – the variety of skills he uses every day is huge.

The training this term has been advanced and fast paced, but the e2e Crew have showed up and taken every opportunity to learn. In fact it is more than that, they have thrived and their skills and natural talents have shone through time and again.

Lorraine Smith July 2021

Reflecting back to our first session in April where we spent time getting used to walkie talkies / talkback; the crew learnt to pause when you pressed the button and not talk straight away; to not talk over someone and to only say the important information.

Regular hide ‘n’ seek breaks over the term have been fun for the crew, but they have also given them the chance to ‘use’ the talkback, leading to the last session where the crew moved their strategic thinking forward even further. One of the crew left their comms at base because it would be harder for someone to find them! Just one example of how the crew’s thinking is evolving and illustrating how they are really taking control of their learning.

Peter Barrett July 2021

Our Arts Award Photography Comp win allowed us to take the crew for an ice-cream treat to finish the term and celebrate their achievements so far. Which became a great way to sit together and develop script ideas for the film we are making over Summer! Getting caught in a storm and being showered with the biggest hailstones ever, as we returned to school, made for a fun end to an incredible 12 weeks.

Here is a short celebration video summing up the TV NOW! Scholarship Program and the e2e Crew’s achievements so far. Let’s hear it for the team!

TV NOW! Summer Term 2021

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