Autumn Reflections

It really is quite extraordinary – how much we have accomplished since our week 12 post in July. The wonderful thing about e2e is how it is evolving; both in following goals we have penned & being open to see how & where our journey takes us.

Summer saw us meeting with the crew for four filming days in an empty school; working with a story written by Lola, it was adapted by the whole crew & turned into a script by Peter. We had to take into account of holidays & self isolation due to Covid, so the entire filming was very fluid – but every member of the crew still managed to be involved – either in front or behind camera (or both) & it was a great experience (very proud of all of the crew with this project). It was exhausting, but brilliant & we hope to develop this more in 2022. The trailer to our first film is below, and the actual film will follow shortly.

The importance of taking regular breaks became clear & was a good reminder; 10 minutes out of our busy filming schedule refreshed everyone & focus greatly improved for all.

Peter Barrett August 2021
[What if] One Day [everything was different] … Summer 2021

During the Summer we also did a TV Production Experience Day AND filmed an outdoor promenade performance at Rose Bruford College of Drama & Theatre. Two amazing days, enriching e2e & the crew who took part immeasurably. From instructing others to impressing professionals, we may have had a very busy Summer, but we were so pleased to have been able to not only give the crew these opportunities, but to see the richness of taking part shown to others & also to continue developing the crew itself. It was a wonderful cycle & there was more than one moment where Peter & I reflected on the amazing skills of the crew, growing & being shared almost innately. It was wonderful to witness.

See six of the crew in action!

Working as a team we are constantly learning from each other; with such a unique project, learning is not just from older to younger, but in all directions. As a result we are stronger as a group & feel listened to & valued.

Lorraine Smith September 2021

Then the start of a new term brought with it a celebration (giving out instructor jackets!) and the start of our first e2e TV Club with the crew as Tech Instructors. We are five weeks in & things are developing nicely.

Hear from the e2e Crew themselves.
September 2021

On top of this came the incredible opportunities to film events locally & team with the BFI – streaming for them in December. All of this has been wrapped up in our shared vision solidifying in Summer as we became a Community Interest Company, commiting to being a non profit TV Production Company, putting young people at the heart of everything we do.

We also began to bring another shared vision to life! We invested in a MPV affectionately called OBU, with an aim to convert her into an ‘outside broadcast unit’ so we could reach more young people, schools & events in the community. Part 1 was buying OBU ✅, and part 2 is fundraising for the conversion / equipment, which we continue to strive towards.

Meet OBU! September 2021

Immensely proud of e2e & how it is developing. Sharing a vision is one thing, but working incredibly well as a team is an absolute pleasure & one we’re both excited to see evolve. More updates soon.

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