e2e TV welcomes patrons

It is so exciting to welcome our first patrons to end2end TV. Natalia and Jeremy can see our vision too and are as excited as us to follow the journey we are on.

Natalia Cohen

“I think e2e TV is an amazing initiative for children to develop confidence, creativity, connection and new technical skills! There will be invaluable elements of the project that will draw out leadership skills, teamwork and problem solving, as well as push individuals outside their comfort zones – which is where our personal growth and magic happens!!”

Natalia Cohen March 2021 http://www.nataliacohen.co.uk

Jeremy Harrison

ā€œe2e TV is an extraordinary venture, part of a long history of innovative digital-arts projects that Peter & Lorraine have initiated over the years. It is a great pleasure to be associated with such a progressive vision that places the voice of children and young people at the heart of the work.ā€

Jeremy Harrison April 2021 http://www.jeremyharrison.online

Our TV NOW! Scholarship Program launches on the 21st April with a location shoot. Phase 2 of our journey is about to begin. Our patrons are right – we do have a progressive vision, the children are at the heart of it and personal growth and magic are about to happen.

Updated (19th June)

We are delighted to welcome Jay & Kaori as patrons of e2e TV!

Jay Clarke

“Lights, Camera Action! Indeed e2e will be such a place. A studio that will put cameras into the hands of dynamic young filmmakers. It will teach them the craft of telling good stories and we as their audience will be better for it!”

Jay Clarke May 2021 Storyboard Artist
Jay working on the animation: Isle of Dogs

Kaori Hata

“I am conducting some research into how communication styles have changed due to Covid-19 & the effect of this on pedagogical issues. end2end TV fits this well; their programme is just what I’d like to know more about & I am excited to be associated with them.”

Kaori Hata June 2021 Associate Professor for Osaka University, Japan

We are thrilled to have such inspiring patrons on board and excited to continue on our journey!

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