TV NOW! Weeks 1-5 Reflections

You can find out about the e2e Crew’s individual thoughts at: – they have also created a collaborative article which the UK’s National Children’s Newspaper First News have agreed to publish! A brilliant way of showcasing an incredible group of people and of course I will celebrate that when their words are published!

The training is now 5 weeks in. It’s going quickly, but the crew are learning fast. I admit, when Peter told me about our location shoot on week 1 it took me a few minutes to get my head around that. He was right though, and I knew that really, it was just the dotting i’s and crossing t’s I had to put to one side and in all honestly we are very good at planning and allowing projects to gain momentum and direction in their own right. This hasn’t been done before so we are not following a script; It’s not that the i’s and t’s weren’t crossed, it was more a turn left instead of right moment – and oh my it was amazing!

We’ve talked a lot about our vision, but seeing the children take up the challenge of making a short film on location, with equipment they hadn’t used before, meant they were thrown into hands on learning which they absolutely loved. This is them, proudly wearing their T-Shirts and their smiles say it all.

e2e Crew – Launch Day April 2021

The group is evolving; they are relating, supporting and encouraging each other. It’s become an entity to them, one they are very proud to be a part of. The children are an integral part of what we are doing; they are e2e.

Peter Barrett May 2021

It’s now week 5 of our TV NOW! Scholarship Program, and as well as our location shoot in a nearby park, we have covered risk assessments, handling, setting up our tripods and cameras, shotgun mics, some of the functions of an ENG camera, camera angles and positions, advanced editing and even filmed a flying shark! The children are moving away from having to be directed minutely to being told to shoot ‘x’ and they can be trusted to innately understand how to get the shots. Add in the children starting their website building for their Arts Award and you can see why we are all excited. Week 6 we will be looking more at sound and taking their new knowledge outside once more, as long as the weather is kind for us. An update will follow soon!

We are developing a social enterprise and there is a feeling of unity among the crew; it is incredible to watch the team learn and evolve together. They are a vibrant bunch and our vision is coming to life in their hands.

Lorraine Smith May 2021

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