Equipment bargains and an emerging training program

As we said before, the idea of e2e started with Peter buying a bargain over the Christmas holidays, influenced by the whole school production the Media Crew filmed & mixed in December. Wanting to give the children experience with a professional shoulder mounted camera, he struck gold with a second hand Panasonic E71 – a great camera to delve deeper into manual settings.

We visualised a three part training program, with our crew supporting and leading small groups. On top of this we wanted to give them professional work experience with some green screen studio and maybe even location shoots. To do this we needed to train the crew first, but we were sourcing equipment and planning in the midst of another full lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Media Crew hadn’t met in person from March 2020 (Lockdown 1) to December, when we filmed each class bubble in the Christmas Production. With high hopes of continuing in January, the country locked down again as another wave took grip. This didn’t stop us, but it did throw a veil of uncertainty over when and how we would be able to start. In reality, we are both pretty good with going with the flow and we have definitely been practicing juggling many ideas and tasks, so we kept going! The excitement of planning, influenced hands down superb bargain hunting – largely led by Peter, but enjoyed by both of us & the honing of the ‘3 seconds to go bid’ on eBay!

We want to teach manual settings with professional cameras and sound, giving children an immersive experience where hands on learning creates the back bone of our approach. Theory mixed with generous amounts of practical learning that will lead to streaming live next year. As an Arts Award Adviser we are able to become an Arts Award centre too, opening up future possibilities further. We have a history of thinking outside the box; both independently and together. We innovate and then work out how we can. Obstacles become a different direction, not a block. The country being in lockdown has given us the time to nurture the spark of an idea into something more concrete; one which both of us are excited about and places young people at the heart of it.

Our equipment list is long and the opportunities we have to teach are fantastic. We have invested in 4 professional HD ENG cameras, as well as a plethora of sound equipment & other items. We have short, medium and long term plans. And importantly we have an amazing group of young people and their parents on board, along with the support of others who can see our vision too. Now the question is will we be able to start training the crew from the Summer Term or will it be Autumn…

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