An idea sparks a new beginning

Pin pointing the start isn’t necessarily easy. A few things led to that moment, and whilst these will no doubt be mentioned as we go along, the start of end2end TV’s journey began at the beginning of 2021.

Reflecting on the epic events of December, where we saw the TV Studio & Control Room brought to life by the Y6 Media Crew (in the Junior School where we both work part time), our conversation led onto an eBay purchase and the concept quickly followed! It sounds quite impetuous but wasn’t really, more of a natural move.

We didn’t have a name for a couple of months, but the concept was developing nonetheless. A TV Production Company where we could offer training in professional TV Production & ENG skills to KS2 & 3 children, supported by young leaders. Empowering children to find their voice through film and giving them the opportunity to achieve an Arts Award in the process.

Phase One included lots of research and hands down superb bargain hunting:

  • What did we want to teach and how did we want to teach it?
  • Sourcing the equipment we needed
  • Thinking of a name
  • Pitching the idea to the children and parents who we were inviting to join us (perhaps the most important part of all)

What followed next was the creation of our TV NOW! Scholarship Program; a lunchtime reveal with the children and a tea-time Zoom with parents!

Why did we choose the name end2end TV?

Because children absolutely can. Our statement ‘… from concept to creation’ sums it up. Our training opportunities will take an initial idea and follow through the production process to the final edit; end to end production. Nobody knows how far children can go without giving them the opportunity to try. We set no limits on children’s learning and have seen children succeed time and again, often exceeding expectations.

They share the educational ethos that you shouldn’t place limits on children’s learning, no matter the subject, their age, or their ability, and in computing and technology specifically you simply don’t know how capable children are, unless you let them try new things. As it turns out, they’re pretty incredible.

Why are we running the TV NOW! Scholarship Program?

We set up end2end TV with a clear social purpose in mind. We wanted to continue giving young people innovative opportunities, empowering them to find their voice, be creative and understand the technical skills that underpin film and television by immersing them in fun & accessible filmmaking experiences; realising their potential in our digital world in whatever field they choose to influence.

The e2e Crew will be trained in professional TV Production Skills using full HD ENG cameras and ‘live’ studio events to work towards a Bronze Arts Award with our senior crew members, eventually heading for the Gold Arts Award.  They will help instruct and lead groups during our regular TV Production after school clubs, cascading their learning to others. In addition they will gain work experience crewing professional shoots as our commercial opportunities grow.

Our Training Program and equipment is a whole write up in itself, one we will share another time. For now, what we will say is that we revealed our thoughts to the children one lunchtime in March, explaining everything, and then a couple of days later hosted a Zoom call with parents and our senior crew members. Feedback was incredible from both groups, ALL 12 of them said YES and we are so excited to begin training our e2e Crew in the Summer Term!

Our e2e Crew will be taking their technological skills even further than children of their age have ever done before and in doing so will be instrumental in helping to empower others to find their voice through film & television. This is an amazing opportunity for us to work with this cohort of young people. e2e TV’s journey has begun!

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