TV NOW! Week 8 back in the Studio & Control Room

Our first week of training using the Studio & Control Room since December 2020. The first time for 3 of our older crew who were observing & filming behind the scenes.

Working as a team is gluing everything together. The crew are not developing traditional TV Control Room roles, but are innately merging their roles; covering & supporting each other.

Peter Barrett June 2021

It was a HOT day, adding another layer of complexity into the mix, but it was great to see our professional cameras and sound connected through the Vision Mixer and working well. However, a problem with talkback became a challenge that we had to overcome, whilst shooting pieces to camera for an online programme we are currently making.

The importance of needing excellent communication within a team was highlighted when the talkback stopped working between our Control Room & Studio; providing excellent opportunities to both problem solve & reflect!

Lorraine Smith June 2021

We are constantly reflecting to refine our training programme to meet the needs of the children and keep us moving forward. As a team we support each other and are growing in understanding all the time. Everyone is developing their voice and we are creating a solid foundation to build on. Filming plans over the next few weeks are going to give us ample opportunities to do this.

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